Agape Wigwam: Giving Glory to God for His Guidance

Photo Courtesy: Alan Larsen

May 8, 2019:

On a day not long ago… the LORD visited Camp Michigamme…where a large number of Christian men had gathered to worship and pray… and take a Walk to Emmaus together. Simultaneously…men all around the camp had the same idea: “We need to build a new place for Christian conferencing…a place that will better facilitate a Walk, and also serve the children who camp here every year.”

As we compared notes, we realized that this was not our idea…it had come from God. Ever since, we have all been working diligently to carry out God’s request. Money has appeared (though we still need more), labor has appeared (praise God for willing hands), and the LORD has removed many obstacles, as we broke ground this week!

Please share this story with your church! God is creating something new at Camp Michigamme, and many many lives are going to be blessed by our efforts! Pray! Send funds! Do whatever you can to help fulfill God’s plan for Michigamme!

-Pastor Ron Fike

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