Lots of Change!

Northern Skies District Logo

With our new district, there are lots of new changes.  Here are just a few:

 Our New address: 927 West Fair Avenue, Marquette MI 49855 formerly 111 E Ridge, Marquette MI 49855

 Our New name: “Northern Skies,” formerly “Marquette.”

 Our New email addresses:

pquayle@michiganumc.org. Use this one as you formerly used umc@mqtdistrict.com.      

sharmon@michiganumc.org. Use this one if you feel you must contact DS Scott Harmon directly.

 Our new phones: the number is the same, 906-228-4644, but we have a new system. Our old phone system stopped working before the new system was set up, so we had no phone service July 2-11.

 our new website URL: northernskiesUMC.com

Our new Facebook page:  Facebook page. The district is looking for a volunteer Facebook guru to maintain and update the page. Contact Pam at the district office if this is something you may feel called to do: pquayle@michiganumc.org, 906-228-4644.

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